Very Lucky

This story is about kindness that we received.  It was the first year of the iPad craze and I received one for Christmas.  We left on a holiday south and the iPad of course came with us.  On our trip back we had to make a connecting flight but with a couple of hours to spare, we pulled out that Christmas gift in the airport and surfed the internet to kill some time.  Needless to say the iPad got placed on the seat next to my husband and we walked away, leaving it sitting there.

Neither one of us thought about that iPad because we each thought the other one had it.  On the way home in the taxi after landing we realized that we no longer had my Christmas gift and I was devastated. We arrived home and our answering machine was flashing and there was a message from Jet Blue that my iPad had been turned in and to contact them so they could send to our home.  I was so blown away that someone found it and turned in…renewed my faith in people.


Today’s story is from Kathy. If you have a story you would like to share with us, please head over to the Submit a Story page.

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