The Right Thing To Do

One day this summer as I was leaving my house to go bowling with some friends, I was driving down my street and saw an elderly lady fall to the ground. I Quickly turned my car around to see if she was okay. She couldn’t get up so I helped her to her feet and into her house. I just couldn’t leave her there alone so I told her she needed to go the hospital to get checked out. She said no, it’s okay, I have a friend that is coming later. I asked her to call the friend so I could be sure she would be alright.

The friend didn’t answer and my heart just wouldn’t let me leave her there alone, so I asked her to please come with me to the hospital just to make me feel better. She then agreed to go. I explained to the nurse at the hospital what had happened and I also explained that I didn’t know this lady but was quite concerned for her health and safety.

A few months went by and this lady found out who I was and came to my door to thank me. She had broken her shoulder and other injuries and wanted me to know that she felt that I was her guarding angel and I told her I’m no angel, it was just the right thing to do. I couldn’t believe how many cars drove by her that day and the number of people walking by that gave it no concern.

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  1. The Animated Woman
    The Animated Woman says:

    You did the right thing, and handled it well by telling her that it was just to make you feel better. Many people don’t want to be perceived as a burden, and you were sensitive to that. It’s really nice that she came by to thank you.


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