The Parking Fairy

I was downtown for a meeting and I always use the Pay by Phone app now to park my car. Of course when you use the Pay by Phone app now, you don’t receive a printed ticket to display on your dash. When I returned to my car I thought for sure I was still within my allotted time but as I approached I could see this paper blowing in the wind – what the heck! Had the Pay by Phone app not worked? It always had before. As I got closer and closer I realized that in fact it wasn’t a ticket at all but rather the amazing and wonderful parking fairy had been by, seen that I did not have a ticket on display so the fairy put fifty cents in the meter, printed a display ticket for me and placed it on my windshield. This was such a kind act, no matter how small it was. I’m rather certain that the parking fairy has saved tons of people from tons of tickets. Like I said it is just a small gesture but one that no one asks for but can mean so much.

So, I wonder what we could do to make the parking fairy’s life easier? Cheaper? I felt bad that he spent money on my car which didn’t need it. Where ever you are, parking fairy, I thank you for being kind and selfless.


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