Teachers Kindness

A Teacher’s Kindness

My 7-year-old daughter has the kindest heart. She has always been the most empathetic and compassionate person I know. Even when she was a toddler, she would cry when she saw other kids upset or crying. She is usually the first person to befriend new students at school, reaching out to them with her bubbly personality and kindness. She truly has a beautiful heart.

Recently, a school friend has been treating her badly and my daughter’s teacher (Ms. R) has noticed this. My sweet child cannot understand why someone would tell lies about her or ask her to do something she knows is wrong. She is fearful of losing her friend by telling the truth, and it eats her up inside. Ms. R has taken the time to seek out my daughter and help guide her with discussions about friendship and integrity – often during recess, when she would normally be having a break. She is a wonderful example of how teachers can make a difference in kids’ lives.

I am so grateful for Ms. R’s kindness and hope she knows just how much she is appreciated.

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