The Parking Fairy

I was downtown for a meeting and I always use the Pay by Phone app now to park my car. Of course when you use the Pay by Phone app now, you don’t receive a printed ticket to display on your dash. When I returned to my car I thought for sure I was still within my allotted time but as I approached I could see this paper blowing in the wind – what the heck! Had the Pay by Phone app not worked? It always had before. As I got closer and closer I realized that in fact it wasn’t a ticket at all but rather the amazing and wonderful parking fairy had been by, seen that I did not have a ticket on display so the fairy put fifty cents in the meter, printed a display ticket for me and placed it on my windshield. This was such a kind act, no matter how small it was. I’m rather certain that the parking fairy has saved tons of people from tons of tickets. Like I said it is just a small gesture but one that no one asks for but can mean so much.

So, I wonder what we could do to make the parking fairy’s life easier? Cheaper? I felt bad that he spent money on my car which didn’t need it. Where ever you are, parking fairy, I thank you for being kind and selfless.


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The Kindness of a Stranger

At 11:15 Monday night, I was trying unsuccessfully to dislodge my car from an unplowed side street. You know – the famous rock the car back and forth to get on top of the snow and then out, to freedom.

Unfortunately, those pesky hidden ice patches were hampering my efforts.

And then, this man appeared, descended the steps from one of those classic Montreal multilevel dwellings, with metal contraptions you put under wheels to provide traction.

He wasn’t wearing any gloves, just a big helpful smile. A few minutes went by as I followed his instructions: “Now turn her slow and ease gently on the gas, good, good. Now hold your foot on the brake.” He ran around the car repositioning his metal gadgets, gripping the side of the open window and told me to give it some gas. The car went back and forth until I was out.

I had nothing to offer him but some mint leaves that he declined, saying it was his pleasure.

That’s Montreal.


Today’s story is from Deirdre. If you have a story you would like to share with us, please head over to the Submit a Story page.