We All Need A Little Warming Up

Over the past few months there has been a construction crew in my neighborhood tearing up the road to replace underground pipes. Some of the crew operate the heavy machinery and some of the crew are outside working, exposed to the elements. The crew have been very accommodating making sure the local residents can still get to and from their respective driveways.

As the temperature has dropped I decided these folks needed a boost to know how much they are appreciated despite the inconveniences that they bring to us residents. I recently called the crew lead over to my car and asked how many people were working on his crew. He told me 5 to 7 depending on the day. The next day, I passed him eight $5 Tim Horton gift cards (I came prepared with 10 just in case!) to be shared amongst the crew.

It’s not a lot but enough to buy each of them a couple coffee and enough to know their work is appreciated. He seemed speechless. But offered a warm smile with thanks. I’m sure his crew was equally pleased. It felt great to start their weekend off with a smile!

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Tim Hortons Kindness

A Cup Full of Kindness

Up until 9:57am this morning, I was having a terrible day.

Even running into an old friend at a volleyball tournament didn’t take away the feeling. Watching Bones spike a ball or make a fabulous serve, while exciting…I just couldn’t quite shake it. Seeing her team win both sets and celebrate their accomplishment…while I was proud, couldn’t pull me from the funk I was in.

The thing is, I woke up that way. A horrible nightmare had me reeling.

We were on a cruise ship, a family vacation…and just as we hit the open seas, Spiderman couldn’t be found. Every nook and cranny of that boat I searched…until I began to panic. I stood among so many teens and tried to find his face among the crowd. I saw just about every person I ever hung out with…sitting around the tables laughing. No one had grown up…the teenage faces of friends I haven’t seen in years smiling back at me as I frantically searched. The police were called and a full-scale emergency was on as suddenly, everyone knew he’d gone overboard. Then, turning a corner as I began to run…I saw him. Sitting with a couple of friends in his shirt and tie from hockey…he smiled.

I burst into tears of panic and joy and felt the shaking as I woke from my nightmare. My dog, standing over me…desperate to wake me.

I was crying. The dog was panicked. She’d obviously known I was having a nightmare and desperately tried to wake me.

Still hours later, she won’t leave my side.

I started the day not quite right. Jumped in the shower and headed to my daughter’s volleyball tournament where a headache began forming and I couldn’t decide if I needed more sleep or a couple of Tylenol to push it away.

I watched the game then left. Happy for Bones and her team but just wanting some time to curl up on the couch. As I headed for home, I thought I’d stop to grab a cup of tea…see if I could start fresh.

And then at 9:57 am, moments after I’d ordered and as I pulled up to the window at the Kearney Lake Tim Horton’s I heard, “the gentleman in front of you paid for your order and said to have a wonderful day.”


My day started off horribly. Nothing’s really wrong but a bad night of sleep…a bit of a headache…a feeling of being a little unsure of myself despite all of the wonderful things in my life and then out of the blue…someone shows a simple act of kindness.

I don’t think I knew who the man was. It could have been someone I knew or a complete stranger as I didn’t recognize the car but to be honest, I’m not really great with details…evident from the simple fact that I lost my son on a cruise ship full of teens in the first place! But the thing is, friend or stranger, you never really know who you’re affecting on any given day just by reaching out. And doing something kind.

At 9:57 am this morning…while shaking off a bad night and a bit of a headache…kindness changed my day.

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Heart Picture

A Valentine’s Day Drive

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show people kindness (although you may need to spend it to keep your kids quiet while on a kindness delivery adventure).

This past Valentine’s Day I was lucky enough to be home with my two daughters. The first few hours we spent making hearts and eating chocolate were fun but grew old in about a couple of hours. Because the girls were too young for school, we also happened to have a pile of Valentine’s Day cards to give out. Instead of creating imaginary characters to give them to (although that does sound fun), we piled into the car and took a little adventure.

We passed through a Tim Horton’s drive through and handed the employees a Valentine’s Day card. We handed out a few in Future Shop and we handed out a few in Walmart. Finally, we handed a few more to the people at the McDonald’s drive through window too.

It was fun for the kids who ended up with donuts and cheeseburgers and it was nice for the people who got to hear Happy Valentine’s from two cute little blonde haired ladies. It was a good day to teach them the value of a small and that the cost of making someone happy is something we can afford to pay.


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Making Friends at the Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

I never thought about this until I read the tweet regarding stories lacking on the Kindness Canada site.

This past weekend my wife and I were running behind and decided go grab some food on the go. This time we decided to use Canada’s favourite coffee joint and off to the Tim Hortons drive-thru I went. There are two ways to get into the drive-thru line so I lined up one way and another vehicle containing a mother and her screaming child entered from the other way. As three vehicles would not let this mother (who had also just came from the dentist) in, I did.

When I pulled up to the window, I was handed a $10 gift card from the Timmy’s employee. I asked what this was for and was advised the mother ahead of me wanted to thank me for letting her in.

She was having a rough day and was thankful for me letting her go ahead of me.

I have yet to return this random act of kindness but plan on paying it forward very soon!


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A Little Help At The Cash

I was at Thrifty Foods this afternoon, and the little old couple in front of me were holding up the line because their debit and visa cards kept declining. They were getting frustrated, as were most of the other people in line. They tried absolutely everything including a gift card that the lady pulled out of Christmas card that she had received however it was for a different grocery store.

Finally she pulled the last of the cash she had out of her wallet, $25 and paid down half the bill, trying all her and her husbands cards again to no avail. I could see the frustration and embarrassment as they kept apologizing to everyone in line for the inconvenience.

As she started to take groceries out of her bags so she could afford the bill I took $25 out of my wallet and paid for the remainder of their bill. They were amazingly grateful and it felt amazing! Thank you to WestJet for the inspiration from yesterday!

I refused to give them my name or phone number even though they pleaded for it, but instead told them that when they were in the position, to Pay It Forward to someone else.

I share this not for your praise, but to inspire you to do the same, in whatever way that you want, or can. Make the difference in someones day. Be the Change you wish to see in the world! Starts with you, baby!


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