We All Need A Little Warming Up

Over the past few months there has been a construction crew in my neighborhood tearing up the road to replace underground pipes. Some of the crew operate the heavy machinery and some of the crew are outside working, exposed to the elements. The crew have been very accommodating making sure the local residents can still get to and from their respective driveways.

As the temperature has dropped I decided these folks needed a boost to know how much they are appreciated despite the inconveniences that they bring to us residents. I recently called the crew lead over to my car and asked how many people were working on his crew. He told me 5 to 7 depending on the day. The next day, I passed him eight $5 Tim Horton gift cards (I came prepared with 10 just in case!) to be shared amongst the crew.

It’s not a lot but enough to buy each of them a couple coffee and enough to know their work is appreciated. He seemed speechless. But offered a warm smile with thanks. I’m sure his crew was equally pleased. It felt great to start their weekend off with a smile!

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