Sit With Me Shelter

Giving Animals a Second Chance

As a long-time vegan and animal rights supporter, I have never met anyone as committed to directly saving the lives of animals as is Tanya Beauchemin.

I am a foster parent with Sit With Me shelter dog rescue, of which she is a principal volunteer. I have witnessed her complete, unwavering dedication to rescuing animals from the most dire of circumstances, and giving them a second chance.

Although I know it breaks her heart, she bravely goes into animal shelters time and time again, interacts with these death row animals, and tries to save as many of them as she’s able. They are truly acts of kindness towards these animals who have nothing at all.

She has to walk away without far too many of them, which would emotionally destroy most of us. She has hard days and has the weight of these animals’ lives on her shoulders. But she keeps soldiering on, showing them kindness and human decency, emboldened by the knowledge that she can make a difference in the lives of some, even if she can’t save them all.

And even when there isn’t room for another she begs…and pleads…and somehow always manages to find the space for just one more. Over, and over again.

The kindness that Tanya shows these dogs defies the parameters of breed, size, and age. The motley crew of dogs she has rescued is a veritable Noah’s Ark of canine variety. She writes loving, heart-rending descriptions of each one for Sit With Me’s Facebook page, which have brought tears to my eyes on many occasions.

Tanya’s whole life revolves around the dogs she rescues; making their lives better. It’s not always easy, and limits her extracurricular activities. But she does it because if she doesn’t, their lives will not be saved. Her side project is running a dog collar-making business, many of which end up around the necks of the beautiful creatures to whom she has given a second lease on life.

Fortunately Tanya doesn’t work in isolation; she is part of a team of volunteers with Sit With Me, who provide support and bear their own burdens to do this important work.

But it’s her beautiful, sometimes haunting words used to tell the canine stories of the victims of human abuse and neglect that make it clear that Tanya Beauchemin has a most kind heart.


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