Small Gesture, Big Deal

I can’t remember what it was we were doing, but I’m sure it was important. A doctor’s appointment, picking up tiles for the renovation that was stressing us out, something. What else would make my husband forget that he left his wallet on the top of his car and drove away? Panic set in when we arrived home and realized what happened My husband is the type of man who carries every single card he owns in his wallet at all times.

From his government ID and credit card to his cinema loyalty card, it’s in there. Worst of all, it meant that he lost his Canadian residency card. It took several months for his application to emigrate into Canada to be processed and approved. He even had to drive from Toronto to Niagara Falls and cross the border to the USA simply to return and formalize his entry into Canada. The amount of money in the wallet was inconsequential to the residency card.

I drove back along our route, desperately searching for the wallet. Bruce started cancelling his bank cards and that’s when we discovered, someone found the wallet! The person found it on a busy street, brought it home and tried to contact us via the bank. Needless to say, the bank didn’t want to give out any of our information. Although they could replace the bank cards, the banking institution couldn’t replace the other vital ID in the wallet. So, they connected us with the wallet rescuer via telephone.

This man lived about 20 minutes from us. He saw the wallet as he was driving home during the rush hour. It’d been run over and was a bit wet from the rain. When we went to retrieve it, the man refused any kind of reward, even a bottle of wine. He simply said, “I am a parent of two kids myself. I know how these things can happen. I just wanted you to get your wallet back.”


This story comes courtesy of Lesley Donaldson-Reid from the blog Real Women Drive Stick. If you have a story you would like to share with us, please head over to the Submit a Story page.

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