Big List of Random Acts!

Welcome to the “Big List of Random Acts of Kindness”! We have started it off for you but we need your help to keep it growing. Please fill out the form below to submit your Random Acts to the list!

Smile at people

Hold the Door for Someone

Thank a Veteran

Buy a Stranger’s Coffee

Say Please and Thank You

Offer to take your child’s teammate to and from a game

Drop off food for new parents

Pack an extra bag lunch so you can give it to someone in need

Give blood

Make a anonymous card for someone telling them how much they are loved or appreciated

Return your shopping carts to the little cart corrals. Then line them up!

Ask the Cashier How They Are Doing

Donate Books to the Library. Leave a Nice Note in One of Them

Give Out Flowers to Strangers

Help a Neighbour With Yard Work

Compliment Someone

Leave coupons you can’t use on top of items at the supermarket

Tell someone how wonderful they are (at their job or what great qualities they possess)

take someone’s shift at work

Take care of your elders

Donate clothes to the homeless

Write an actual letter and mail it! Snail mail can be a great surprise.

Submit Your Random Acts of Kindness