Making Friends at the Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

I never thought about this until I read the tweet regarding stories lacking on the Kindness Canada site.

This past weekend my wife and I were running behind and decided go grab some food on the go. This time we decided to use Canada’s favourite coffee joint and off to the Tim Hortons drive-thru I went. There are two ways to get into the drive-thru line so I lined up one way and another vehicle containing a mother and her screaming child entered from the other way. As three vehicles would not let this mother (who had also just came from the dentist) in, I did.

When I pulled up to the window, I was handed a $10 gift card from the Timmy’s employee. I asked what this was for and was advised the mother ahead of me wanted to thank me for letting her in.

She was having a rough day and was thankful for me letting her go ahead of me.

I have yet to return this random act of kindness but plan on paying it forward very soon!


Today’s story is from Steve. If you have a story you would like to share with us, please head over to the Submit a Story page.

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