Kindness During a Crisis

I have discovered that a true example of your character is how you step up when times are tough. It’s very easy to be there when life is easy but to step up during a time of crisis takes a special kind of person. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be the recipients of true kindness during one of the most difficult moments of our lives.

Five years ago, my son was born with very serious health issues. Within 48 hours of his birth he was rushed by ambulance to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children and before he was even 3 days old he was having life-saving surgery.  I am a planner. I had planned for everything you can imagine during my entire pregnancy, except for this. We were shocked, we were devastated and we had no idea what to do.

We turned to our parents. Holding back tears my husband called both my parents and his mother and without missing a beat, both of them showed up at our side. They hugged us; they cried with us, they sat by our sides every step of the way.

I’m not sure when they came up with their plan but somewhere in all the tears and confusion, they organized a schedule between the two of them arranging days when they would come and bring us supper. Each and every evening just before dinner time, they would arrive at the hospital bearing a wonderful hot home cooked meal. They would find a quiet table somewhere in the hospital and they set a real table; tablecloth, dishes, cutlery all making it feel a little bit more like home. After a long day, sitting beside an incubator hour after hour it was a welcome relief to sit at a table and eat a home cooked meal.  We were running on very little sleep, sometimes not eating much throughout the day and we were in a very emotional state, these home cooked meals helped us stay strong.

After particularly rough days we ate dinner in silence reflecting on what was happening, silent tears falling from our eyes. Other days, when things were going well, we smiled and chatted and talked about how great it was going to be when we finally got to bring our little man home.  We were getting through this as a family and it was the greatest way to handle such an unimaginable situation.

It must have been very tiring for them, to work full days, then get in the car and fight downtown traffic just to eat dinner in a hospital cafeteria. It must have been exhausting to stay up late at night cooking and preparing meals for us. Yet they did it. For six weeks without missing an evening. We even had a full Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital cafeteria with our little man by our side.

This act of kindness has stuck with us. We continue to be very close to our parents. My son was strong and healed well and we welcomed him home 6 weeks after his birth. He was joined two years later by a perfectly healthy little sister. Both our children share a very special bond with their grandparents.

We survived this very difficult time thanks to the support of our parents and I would like to take this opportunity to share with the world just how lucky we are to have them in our lives.


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  1. Jenna Em
    Jenna Em says:

    What amazing acts of kindness! You are very fortunate in so many ways, and this should be a lesson to all of us to be generous in the same way, or in any little way that we can help.

    • Natalie
      Natalie says:

      We are beyond blessed and I am so thankful every day. It’s important to know that there are ways to help your loved ones when they are going through such difficult times.


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