House Full of Happiness

This is a story that a dear friend shared on her Facebook wall. It is something she did and it was so kind and such a heart-warming story that I had to share it!

In her own words from her Facebook post…..”A heartwarming Sunday morning experience. I go out to my front porch to water my plants. A young woman and her toddler daughter are taking a picture of my house. She explains that her grandfather lived in this house as a child and she’s putting together a slide show of his favorite memories for his 90th birthday. Of course I ask her in to take pictures. She bursts into tears when she sees the fireplace, as she has a picture of her grandfather as a little boy sitting in front of it. I learned that his parents both died when he was eight years old, which was when he moved here with his grandmother and a myriad of Aunts and cousins. He adored his grandmother and speaks of this house always being filled with family and fun. We’re going to arrange to have her grandfather come and visit. This morning my house came alive with memories of love & joy. I can’t wait to hear more stories from grandfather.”

Such a kind and generous thing to do. Just a few days ago, she shared with us the letter that the grandfather wrote to her. I’ve removed the address of the house.

Letter from ‘the birthday boy, and past resident of the house…’
“I lived and grew up for 18 years at this address! Last Saturday night, at my surprise birthday party (I turned 80, for heaven’s sake!!) when I saw the recent photographs of your apartment inserted into my old baptism party film, I was dumbstruck and deeply moved. So many memories flowed forth with every image. Although little seems to have changed, you have made it a truly beautiful lodging. I want to thank you so very much for having invited my grand-daughter Caroline inside and allowed her to take these pictures. They certainly struck home…literally!! Once again, from the bottom of my (aging) heart, thank you!!”

What a beautiful gift this act of kindness provided for this man!


This story is courtesy of Cynthia Bland from Voice Found. If you have a story you would like to share with us, please head over to the Submit a Story page.

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