Giving to Those Without a Voice

I’m lucky in so many ways, even on my worst days. One of my greatest (ongoing) accomplishments in life is that I have a gentle, empathetic 3 year old son. He is quick to hug when he thinks someone is sad or hurt, he helps his baby brother whenever possible, and he gently pets and plays with our cats—though he also chases them, on occasion.

Every Christmas, my wife and I give something to our local Humane Society. Some years this is a cash donation, though many years (like this one) funds are tight enough that our donations take on a variety of forms. Sometimes we’ll pick up a case of wet food for the cats, as many of them survive solely on crunchies. Sometimes we (yes, we—my wife taught me to knit, as well) knit small blankets out of spare yarn that are used to line kitty cages and give them something familiar when they transition to their new home.

This year, we’re going to try to bring the whole family in on the giving. My wife and I will be donating wet food, and a few small kitty blankets. Our son will be donating some of the fuzzy pipe cleaners from his craft supplies, which kitties invariably love to play with. Our cats will also be donating some of their older toys. Only our 9-month old son gets a pass, because the only things he can produce or offer at this point don’t make very good gifts. Soon enough.

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, or even if you like lizards, small mammals, or birds, your local humane society could likely use some help, and animals are notoriously poor at representing their own needs (though they make for cute advertising). Give what you can, even if (or perhaps especially if) you need to get creative to do it. If nothing else, most humane societies are often happy to have people volunteer their time, which may be an option we explore in the future with our kids.

Raising gentle boys now leads to having gentlemen in the future.

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