Food Bank Fridays

Food Bank Fridays started over a year ago as a way to keep my little sorority group of ladies motivated to donate to our local food banks on a regular basis. Then I wondered why not involve more people, so I started a blog with Food Bank Fridays as one of my core components. And now I have my hardcore group of 10 ladies plus a small following around the world (a food bank in England is tweeting a link to my challenges!) It feels great to take what is such a small gesture and amplify it.

What is Food Bank Friday?

I’d noticed that the Food Bank bin at my local store is always empty or nearly so. It is often hidden away in a corner. Out of sight, out of mind. I try to remember to grab something most trips to pop in on my way out of the store. I rally my ladies group in the fall to do a little food drive. I had this idea that I could do more. More to help people in my community. And I could help others help people in their communities. Food Bank Fridays.

Food Banks need donations and support throughout the year. There is an ongoing need to keep the shelves stocked. Families in need don’t just pop up at Christmas time and then conveniently go away right after. There are people that need the Food Banks assistance January-December, so why couldn’t I do a little part to remind people.

I come up with a theme or category for each month and then send out a weekly challenge every Friday. People post it to their Facebook page or forward the email to as many people as possible. The challenges are just something to get you thinking of ways you can help out your local food bank. They are a way to remind you that the need is out there and YOU CAN HELP. You can choose to follow the challenge to the T or you can go all rogue and buy something different or heck even ask the cashier to scan in a donation. The choice of what and how much you do is up to you.


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