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The Act of a Teenager

Today I was driving through a busy area and I noticed a teenager helping an elderly man with a walker through some of the construction that had impacted the man’s ability to get through. At first I thought it was a sweet gesture of a grandson, but as I looked again, I noticed the young […]

Food Bank Fridays

Food Bank Fridays started over a year ago as a way to keep my little sorority group of ladies motivated to donate to our local food banks on a regular basis. Then I wondered why not involve more people, so I started a blog with Food Bank Fridays as one of my core components. And […]

Kindness During a Crisis

I have discovered that a true example of your character is how you step up when times are tough. It’s very easy to be there when life is easy but to step up during a time of crisis takes a special kind of person. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be the recipients […]

The Right Thing To Do

One day this summer as I was leaving my house to go bowling with some friends, I was driving down my street and saw an elderly lady fall to the ground. I Quickly turned my car around to see if she was okay. She couldn’t get up so I helped her to her feet and […]

The Driving Lessons

“You’re having a baby? You need to learn how to drive.”                           I was 4 months pregnant and living in London when one of my more practical friends hit me with this. It was true that I’d never got my license and was […]

House Full of Happiness

This is a story that a dear friend shared on her Facebook wall. It is something she did and it was so kind and such a heart-warming story that I had to share it! In her own words from her Facebook post…..”A heartwarming Sunday morning experience. I go out to my front porch to water […]

An Early Lesson In Kindness

We are trying (and I stress using the word trying more liberally than using the word succeeding) to teach our kids from a young age that there are many kids and may adults who haven’t as much as we do. The concept of “having less than us” is a little loose when described to a […]

Canadian Singer/Songwriter Dan Hill’s Kindness Message

It’s World Kindness Day and we are honoured to have received a video Kindness story from Canadian singer and songwriter Dan Hill! Dan’s song, “Sometimes When We Touch”, which you all are now humming knowingly, went triple platinum in Canada! His message in the video is that Kindness isn’t always the huge overt gestures and […]

On World Kindness Day ~ Help Those Affected By Typhoon Haiyan

On this, World Kindness Day, there are few who can use our help more than those who have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  Typhoon Haiyan is the strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines and has caused the loss of an estimated 10,000 lives. The storm has caused widespread damage, including landslides and […]

Small Gesture, Big Deal

I can’t remember what it was we were doing, but I’m sure it was important. A doctor’s appointment, picking up tiles for the renovation that was stressing us out, something. What else would make my husband forget that he left his wallet on the top of his car and drove away? Panic set in when […]