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Make It A Family Tradition To Help Other Families

I’ve always been a Christmas guy. Meaning, I’ve always been part of a family that put much stock in Christmas. I’ve also always been part of a family lucky enough to fill our table with a full Christmas dinner, a Christmas tree with overflowing presents underneath it and plenty of love to spread around. Since […]

A Little Help At The Cash

I was at Thrifty Foods this afternoon, and the little old couple in front of me were holding up the line because their debit and visa cards kept declining. They were getting frustrated, as were most of the other people in line. They tried absolutely everything including a gift card that the lady pulled out […]

A Few Kind Words

It was a scene that I know is familiar to many moms out there… Location: grocery store #of children under the age of 5yrs: 3 Amount of whining/tantruming:  too much As I left the grocery store with my 3 children in tow, each one of them audibly unhappy with some aspect of the outing. I […]

The Caring & Sharing Exchange – Sponsor-a-Hamper Program

The Caring and Sharing Exchange has introduced a new initiative as part of their nearly century old Christmas Exchange Program. Starting this holiday season, members of the Ottawa community can now deliver Christmas directly to local individuals and families in need through the new sponsor-a-hamper program. Sponsors are able to purchase supplies for a hamper, pack it themselves, and […]

Serenity’s Kindness Kookies

I don’t think there are many people who have not been moved by the devastation of the typhoon in the Philippines, but one little girl in Kanata was inspired to take action.  This is the story of Serenity’s Kindness Kookies. One Sunday morning before church, while dining in a restaurant with her parents, Serenity caught […]

Thoughtful Big Sister

This is a pretty small story from a proud papa of a kind, thoughtful gesture from a little girl to her little brother. It didn’t move mountains or change the world but it did show me how pure and kind a child’s heart can be. When my 4 year old daughter was younger, long before […]

Very Lucky

This story is about kindness that we received.  It was the first year of the iPad craze and I received one for Christmas.  We left on a holiday south and the iPad of course came with us.  On our trip back we had to make a connecting flight but with a couple of hours to […]

Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope

Plan Canada is a global movement for change, mobilizing millions of people around the world to support social justice for children in developing countries. They are asking that you consider a gift from their “Gifts of Hope“. A Gift of Hope from Plan Canada can be an excellent way to engage children at a young […]

The Kindness of a Stranger

At 11:15 Monday night, I was trying unsuccessfully to dislodge my car from an unplowed side street. You know – the famous rock the car back and forth to get on top of the snow and then out, to freedom. Unfortunately, those pesky hidden ice patches were hampering my efforts. And then, this man appeared, […]

Raising a Compassionate Child

One of my proudest parenting moments was when the Grade 1 teacher described my daughter’s compassionate behaviour when a classmate wet herself. While the other children stood around in horror, Clare had taken the disgraced child by the hand with a, “That happens to me too” (not the case) and led her to the washroom. […]