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A Teacher’s Kindness

My 7-year-old daughter has the kindest heart. She has always been the most empathetic and compassionate person I know. Even when she was a toddler, she would cry when she saw other kids upset or crying. She is usually the first person to befriend new students at school, reaching out to them with her bubbly […]

We All Need A Little Warming Up

Over the past few months there has been a construction crew in my neighborhood tearing up the road to replace underground pipes. Some of the crew operate the heavy machinery and some of the crew are outside working, exposed to the elements. The crew have been very accommodating making sure the local residents can still […]

A Cup Full of Kindness

Up until 9:57am this morning, I was having a terrible day. Even running into an old friend at a volleyball tournament didn’t take away the feeling. Watching Bones spike a ball or make a fabulous serve, while exciting…I just couldn’t quite shake it. Seeing her team win both sets and celebrate their accomplishment…while I was […]

A Valentine’s Day Drive

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show people kindness (although you may need to spend it to keep your kids quiet while on a kindness delivery adventure). This past Valentine’s Day I was lucky enough to be home with my two daughters. The first few hours we spent making hearts and […]

Giving Animals a Second Chance

As a long-time vegan and animal rights supporter, I have never met anyone as committed to directly saving the lives of animals as is Tanya Beauchemin. I am a foster parent with Sit With Me shelter dog rescue, of which she is a principal volunteer. I have witnessed her complete, unwavering dedication to rescuing animals […]

The Parking Fairy

I was downtown for a meeting and I always use the Pay by Phone app now to park my car. Of course when you use the Pay by Phone app now, you don’t receive a printed ticket to display on your dash. When I returned to my car I thought for sure I was still […]

The Gift of Warmth

My daughter was receiving treatment at a hospital in Toronto and across from the hospital was a park. It appeared that many that frequented the park were those a little down on their luck, so we began bringing mittens, scarfs, warm socks and treats and leaving them in the park. We would place them in […]

Giving to Those Without a Voice

I’m lucky in so many ways, even on my worst days. One of my greatest (ongoing) accomplishments in life is that I have a gentle, empathetic 3 year old son. He is quick to hug when he thinks someone is sad or hurt, he helps his baby brother whenever possible, and he gently pets and […]

Community of Kindness – Tobin’s Story

Our third child in as many years was born January 15, 2007. Although we lived far away, it was a happy occasion during a very challenging time for my extended family. A few months previous, my younger brother was diagnosed with cancer, only days after the birth of his first child. On New Years Day, […]

Making Friends at the Tim Hortons Drive-Thru

I never thought about this until I read the tweet regarding stories lacking on the Kindness Canada site. This past weekend my wife and I were running behind and decided go grab some food on the go. This time we decided to use Canada’s favourite coffee joint and off to the Tim Hortons drive-thru I […]