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A Valentine’s Day Drive

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show people kindness (although you may need to spend it to keep your kids quiet while on a kindness delivery adventure).

This past Valentine’s Day I was lucky enough to be home with my two daughters. The first few hours we spent making hearts and eating chocolate were fun but grew old in about a couple of hours. Because the girls were too young for school, we also happened to have a pile of Valentine’s Day cards to give out. Instead of creating imaginary characters to give them to (although that does sound fun), we piled into the car and took a little adventure.

We passed through a Tim Horton’s drive through and handed the employees a Valentine’s Day card. We handed out a few in Future Shop and we handed out a few in Walmart. Finally, we handed a few more to the people at the McDonald’s drive through window too.

It was fun for the kids who ended up with donuts and cheeseburgers and it was nice for the people who got to hear Happy Valentine’s from two cute little blonde haired ladies. It was a good day to teach them the value of a small and that the cost of making someone happy is something we can afford to pay.


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