A Little Help At The Cash

I was at Thrifty Foods this afternoon, and the little old couple in front of me were holding up the line because their debit and visa cards kept declining. They were getting frustrated, as were most of the other people in line. They tried absolutely everything including a gift card that the lady pulled out of Christmas card that she had received however it was for a different grocery store.

Finally she pulled the last of the cash she had out of her wallet, $25 and paid down half the bill, trying all her and her husbands cards again to no avail. I could see the frustration and embarrassment as they kept apologizing to everyone in line for the inconvenience.

As she started to take groceries out of her bags so she could afford the bill I took $25 out of my wallet and paid for the remainder of their bill. They were amazingly grateful and it felt amazing! Thank you to WestJet for the inspiration from yesterday!

I refused to give them my name or phone number even though they pleaded for it, but instead told them that when they were in the position, to Pay It Forward to someone else.

I share this not for your praise, but to inspire you to do the same, in whatever way that you want, or can. Make the difference in someones day. Be the Change you wish to see in the world! Starts with you, baby!


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