A Few Kind Words

It was a scene that I know is familiar to many moms out there…

Location: grocery store
#of children under the age of 5yrs: 3
Amount of whining/tantruming:  too much

As I left the grocery store with my 3 children in tow, each one of them audibly unhappy with some aspect of the outing. I myself was very unhappy with their collective behaviour and had noticed each and every look of irritation from the other customers. I felt like an absolute failure of a mom. You know that feeling when you realize just how tired you are and you can’t possibly do this for another 18 years? That’s how I felt when a lovely woman (angel really) smiled over at me from the next car and said, “It’s not easy is it?” That’s all she said. But it was enough. Enough to give me hope that I wasn’t the only one who felt overwhelmed and tired and not good enough. I’m sure that woman had no idea how much her words and kind smile meant to me at that moment but I will never forget that small act of kindness. And I will never hesitate to say those same words, to reach out and connect just for a second, to a frazzled looking mom.


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  1. Amanda - MultiTestingMom
    Amanda - MultiTestingMom says:

    LOVE hearing stories like that! All of us parents have been there and done that – instead of staring, she let you know you are not alone – it takes a village! Lovely story! And for the record, I have been there, many, MANY more times than I would like to share!


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